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Why does this matter?

Forest Fire

Ecocide and feminism

An opinion piece about the parallel oppressions of women and environment.

Portrait of a Confident Woman

Women's leadership

Eight reasons why women are key to leading the world away from environmental crisis.


BBC news report

A brief outline of some of the main issues

Environment Pollution

Global Citizen

Information and lots of links, focusing particularly on running a household and dangerous situations for women and girls.

Interactive map

Carbon Brief shows how climate change disproportionately impacts women's health in an interactive map.


Climate policies and reproductive health

From the New Humanitarian, argument for a human rights-based approach.

Climate Protest

UN Women

A photo essay in English, Spanish or French

Earth and Space

Külcür, R. (2020) article

Gender As The Missing Component In The Turkish Climate Change Policies And Academic Papers

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Microplastics in human placentas

A report about research showing the presence of microplastics in human placentas. Mongabay has a huge amount of other resources on the environment. Use the search facility for "women" to find out more.

Young Woman with Mask

Pollution and women

How plastic, water, air and chemical pollution impacts women, from the Stockholm Environment Institute

Mobile Phone

Cobalt mining for batteries (car, phone, etc)

Channel 4 documentary about cobalt mining and its impacts, including on pregnant women

Skyline panorama

Air pollution: a global health perspective

Report summarising impacts of air pollution on women's health - globally, it's the 4th leading risk factor for death.

Oil Refinery

Plan International

Information and further links on girls' rights and climate change

Oil Covered Rubber Gloves


Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF)'s website is packed full of information and campaigns.

Walking in Water

DW news report

"Why climate change often hits women harder than men."

Red Ibis


Impact on women of biodiversity loss and impacts of women on its preservation and stewardship

Bee on a Daisy

Natural History Museum, London

This is a more accessible page with lots of pictures, statistics, and links to further information.

Forest Fire

Violence against women and the environment

Summary of a report with global case studies

Environment Activists Protest

Climate change and violence

United Nations information on how and why women are more at risk from violence through climate change

Using Mesh Bag

Climate change and gender equity

Harvard Business Review article with good examples to show how we can't fight climate change without fighting for gender equity.

Why does this matter?

Gas Burner

Fracking and maternal health

This is a clear summary of academic research on fracking and maternal health, from an advocacy group in the USA.

Cloud with Silver Lining

Action Aid report  African women, loss and damage

Case studies from Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda showing how losses and damages, economic and non-economic, affect women.

Why does this matter?


The scorching divide

A report about women's health and income in heat waves, based on research carried out in the USA, India and Nigeria. 

Cloud with Silver Lining

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