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Letter templates and help with crochet

There are sample letters here. We've included English, Spanish,  and Turkish versions. If you create a version in another language, please let us know as we'd love to share.  Feel free to edit the letter using information specific to your context or from our Information pages. 

Feel free to use a different heart template. Feel free to knit, or use paper craft, or bake heart cookies instead. If you want your project to be a Hearts on Sleeves project, please stick to a couple of community guidelines:

- green and purple colours to symbolise earth and women

- be kind, be polite, hold to account, raise awareness

Calligraphy pen

General letter

Writing with Pen

Plastics letter

Help with crocheting a heart

These are example youtube videos but there are others available. Crochet (or otherwise create) your heart, attach a pin so it can be worn on a sleeve, and you're done. We cannot take responsibility for the content of external sites.

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