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Welcome to Hearts on our Sleeves

Who are we?

Our aim is to engage people by offering a hand-made gift: a heart on a sleeve. We write a letter to accompany the gift. The letter explains our concerns about environmental damage and its impact on women and girls. We ask for accountability and more hope-filled, positive decisions.  

We work together on local, national or global campaigns with the aim of being better ancestors to those who will live here in the future. 



Choose somebody 

We choose a company, a group of politicians, whoever we would like to reach out to.  Some hearts are simply left as gifts in public spaces, for whoever finds them.


Make hearts for their sleeves

We sit together: virtually or in person, in a cafe or on a park bench, in each other's homes, and we crochet a heart for their sleeves.


Write them a letter

We write a letter. We ask questions, and raise awareness of the things that we're worried about. We ask them to wear their heart on their sleeve.


Visit and deliver

We like to deliver our letters by hand. If that's not practical, we post them on an agreed day so that they arrive together. 

Image by Imani

Stand in solidarity with women everywhere against climate change and destruction of biodiversity

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